Looking for Yummy vegan goodness? I got you!


Hi, I’m Sail!

Yes, like the boat. Yes, that’s really my birth name. Yes, my parents were hippies. No, I’m not a hippie too. But I am a lifelong vegetarian and many years vegan so…

My general food philosophy is this: Life's too short to eat boring food. There's nothing more satisfying than an ooey gooey, fresh from the oven (vegan) Oreo creme donut, and I just can't get behind anyone that says to *never* eat one again. That said, you can't eat them all day, every day. You need balance. Eat pizza. Eat donuts. Eat tacos. But first, salad!

My goal for this page is simply to help make food fun! Eating has become serious business and it can be so stressful figuring out what to eat, when to eat it, what to combine it with, what to avoid, and on, and on, and on. I don’t have all the health answers, but I do know that food brings me joy, and I want you to feel that too! Let’s make eating fun again!