Vegan MoFo 2019 Day 2 - Taste the Rainb-oats

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Today’s day 2 of #veganmofo19! The official prompt is “Kitchen tour – Show us where the magic happens!” I don’t know about the other millennials out there, but my kitchen is far from magical. You know what is pure magic though? Rainb-oats! So today we’re tackling our first millennial food - overnight oats.

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Everyone knows what overnight oats are, right? You put 1 part oats and 2 parts liquid in a bowl (or uber millennial mason jar) stick it in the fridge and the next morning - bam! You have delicious oatmeal without the hassle of cooking. There are infinite recipes out there, I don’t really think I can reinvent that wheel.

I do have one oat trick up my sleeve though! I’m told us millennials are poor planners. I take huge offense to that and completely disagree, but at the same time… I mean, how am I supposed to know if I’ll want oatmeal for breakfast in 8 hours?! I have no idea what I’ll be craving in 8 hours. I don’t want to be pinned down like that. Committed to a breakfast I might not want? I can’t stand idly by while my tastebuds are trapped by a grain. No! I’m taking a stand. Luckily, there is a way…


Quick cooking oats! You know what that means? They’re quick overnighting too! With these bad boys in your arsenal, you can wake up, decide oatmeal sounds good, and just relax, knowing that you don’t have to waste time you don’t have standing over the stove, or risk exploding oats in your microwave.

Another ruined breakfast. Thanks microwave.

Another ruined breakfast. Thanks microwave.


The formula is the same. I do half a cup of oats to 1 cup of liquid. You can reduce it to 6 ounces of liquid if you like your oats less soupy. Just mix them together in your millennial-approved oat vessel of choice, stick it in the fridge and get ready for the day. When you come back in 20-30 minutes - bam! Delicious oatmeal in a fraction of the time. So long “overnight” oats! Hello “while I curl my hair” oats!!

If there’s one thing millennials really love, it’s rainbows. So today’s oats were made with the following:

IMG_2289 (002).jpg

Strawberry (pink) = strawberry Califia Farms yogurt drink + 1/2 cup oats

Peaches & Cream (orange) = peach Kite Hill yogurt + 3 oz. vanilla almond milk + 1/2 cup oats

Piña Colada (yellow) = truefruit pineapple in coconut + 3 oz. coconut milk + 1/2 cup oats

Key Lime (green) = lime Kite Hill yogurt + 3 oz. vanilla almond milk + 1 tbsp. key lime juice + 1/2 cup oats

Blueberry (blue) = blueberry Califia Farms yogurt drink + 1/2 cup oats

Blackberry Vanilla (purple) = vanilla Kite Hill yogurt + 3 oz. vanilla almond milk + 1 pint of blackberries (puréed) + 1/2 cup oats

(Add a sprinkle of food coloring if you’re going full rainbow)


Here you have choices. You could make any one of these. You could make all of them and eat a different flavor each day. Or you could live dangerously and add a little of each to your bowl each morning for a tropical medley of rainb-oats. Of course, that’s what I always do.


I always try to make nice straight lines, but I apparently failed that portion of preschool, so I inevitably just swirl it all together. I tell myself it tastes better that way anyway.


There you have it. Millennial food #1 - overnight oats, made extra fabulous!